Monday, September 19, 2011

Doug Ericksen Blows Smoke on Redistricting

I read "Ericksen: Two Democratic redistricting proposals violate intent and spirit of state law, constitution" on the B'ham Herald's politics blog and I must say that Doug Ericksen has exceeded his usual level hypocrisy.

Off course Doug wants a nice Republican safe 42nd District but to claim that Commissioner Ceis & Foster's redistricting proposal are illegal is just ridiculous.

If you'll look at the compilation of maps below, you'll see that both of the Democrats proposals more or less divide the county by population density. Placing the urban/suburban western part of the county mostly in the 42nd LD with a small portion in the 40th and the rural east county in the 39th. That division certainly honors the concept of 'communities of interest' better than either of the Republican proposals.

Gorton's proposal simply chops out most of Bellingham. I can see no way in which the residents of Ferndale have more common interests with the residents of Nooksack, Everson and Sumas than they do with the residents of Bellingham.

Huffs proposal not only hacks up Bellingham, it also has the 39th LD snaking its way up the east side of lake Whatcom gouging out a narrow swath nearly to Everson.

Clearly, both Republican proposals are drawn along purely partisan lines, with no consideration for the various communities of interest within Whatcom County.

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