Monday, February 19, 2007

Converted Rice

Aha! So Now, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sees the wisdom of the anti-escalation resolution passed by the House.

The Baghdad stop, tagged on to Ms. Rice’s scheduled trip to Israel, comes at a politically delicate time for the Bush administration. On Friday, a sharply divided House of Representatives passed a resolution formally repudiating President Bush’s decision to send more than 20,000 new combat troops to Iraq.

The rare wartime rebuke to the commander in chief — an act that is not binding but carries symbolic significance — was approved 246 to 182, with 17 Republicans breaking ranks to join all but 2 Democrats in supporting the resolution.

Ms. Rice said she used the restiveness in Washington to underline for Iraqi officials the spread of American frustration with Iraq’s lagging political and economic progress.

She said she had “made clear that some of the debate in Washington is, in fact, indicative of the concerns that the American people have about the prospects for success” if Iraq’s leaders did not quickly take actions to ensure longer-term stability. (NYT article)

It's Ok Condi; We won't call you a flip-flopper. Just keep listening to the Democrats and you'll be on the road to REAL victory.

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