Saturday, January 10, 2009

still stuck on the rickster.....

→ This article by Max Blumenthal really got me thinking about my continued contempt for the spotlight being given the rickster at the inaugural. So, OK, he fears gay people enough to suppress their civil rights and he must just plain hate sex so much that wants to define just how it can be done or not done even if it causes the death of innocent humans. I do wonder what he has against the Ugandan people or perhaps all people of the African continent. It's one thing to have hateful, fear driven beliefs one calls their own, but when you take them out on the road and market them to others, in this land of the free speech, I’m left with my contempt and my voice. This a great article that really shines the light on, at best, distasteful beliefs. It really dispels “the myth” of compassionate aid to populations who suffer from a high AID’s rate.

Rick Warren’s Africa Problem
Posted by Max Bluementhal in January 7th 2009

Rick Warren joins Chuck Colson and other Christian
right activists to oppose funding condom distribution in Africa

Attention congress: this is especially disgusting. Can we please get the Lantos bill passed? Sex is a very strong drive in the human and to legislate how it can be done or not done and prevent humans from protecting themselves is criminal. It’s infuriating to me to think that my tax money is being used this way.

.............Troubled by what he was witnessing in Africa, Rep. Tom Lantos
led the new Democratic-controlled Congress to reform PEPFAR during a
reauthorization process in February 2008. Lantos insisted that Congress lift the abstinence-only earmark imposed by Republicans in 2002, and begin to fund family planning elements like free condom distribution. His maneuver infuriated Warren, who immediately boarded a plane for Washington to join Christian right leaders including born-again former Watergate felon Chuck Colson for an emergency press conference on the Capitol lawn. In his speech, Warren
claimed that Lantos’ bill would spawn an increase in the sex trafficking of young women. The bill died and PEPFAR was reauthorized in its flawed form. (Days later, Lantos died of cancer after serving for 27 years in Congress.)

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